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Auntie Christ-ine

Posts on politics, religion, and other stuff too "touchy" for the eppylover LJ

7 March 1951
I am 60 years of age, collecting small early retirement checks from a lifetime of clerical drudgery, a so-called career that was heavily threatening to break my mind and spirit (actually I often feel that my life did break me, not at all helped by the added stress liberally provided by the last ex-husband).

Twice married and divorced, I am now living in a sweeet little apartment with my 21-year-old daughter.
See http://eppylover.livejournal.com/profile for additional autobio info.

On August 13, 1966 two friends and I attended a Beatles concert in Detroit.
Then in September of 2010 one of the most wonderful people in the world treated me and my daughter to 10 days in Liverpool and London, for the purpose of visiting Brian Epstein's grave and places related to his life.
That's it for the high points in my life so far. :\

I am proud to have been chosen and appointed as an administrator for a popular Facebook group "Induct Brian Epstein into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame"

As for this LiveJournal persona, antichris_tine:
This will be my forum for sounding off on religion, politics, and things that may offend ~ and, in part, a repository to transfer previous posts that I now feel are too controversial for readers of eppylover

Personally, I am confused and flabbergasted by otherwise intelligent humans who choose to trust in, and live their lives according to, the existence of an invisible god in the sky that you supposedly can telepathically talk to (this concept of "prayer" is really weird), and the superstition that people somehow keep living AFTER they are dead ~ and it blows my mind that otherwise normal people suck all this nonsense in, amazingly, on the basis of a pile of primitive holy-sounding writings, childish fairy tales they call "scriptures," that had been revised and edited innumerable times over thousands of years by power-mongering men in dresses, according to whatever megalomanic agenda they carried at the time. It never fails to amaze me how people become dumb lemmings and follow this foolishness that, at the very least, too often hinders and even blocks needed progress in the world; and at its worst, has always caused and/or exacerbated useless conflict and unnecessary suffering and death. All this folderol over stupid nonexistent shite. I headdesk at humanity with much uncomprehending antichristine disapproval!